CRM and Sales

Customer Relationship Management is key to increasing your sales productivity. Information is key to the sales process and access to this while with the customer is critical. Sales people must know the status of orders and billings to service customer needs.

This is especially important if the customer has more than one point of contact with your company. Customers can call by phone, web and when your on a sales call to their premises. Everyone needs access to the history of recent contacts, who they were talking to, what is the status of their query and what can be done to complete this issue for the sales rep on-site. Information is key to closing sales. From a management perspective you can see who needs coaching and why. Good communication will increase closing by 10%.

We can assist you in selecting the correct technology for you, coaching and training you in it’s operation and tailoring the software to suit your needs best. This gives you more time for better management focusing on the issues real time.